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  • Siem Reap Full Day Ride

    Cambodia home of Angkor Wat Siem Reap , hotels,  delicious restaurants ,endless Siem Reap day tour options  and top rated global destination on Tripadvisor, just read the reviews.  Let JustRide make your Siem Reap trip plan unique. 

    Do something different to your average Siem Reap local tour. Not just another sunset tour in Siem Reap.

    Get off the beaten track and experience Cambodia motorbike adventures with JustRide bike tours. A unique comfortable alternative to dirt bike and quad bike tours. 

    Offering adventure day tours throughout Siem Reap province with full day and half-day options.  Make JustRide top of the list of things to do in Siem Reap.

    Sadly Cambodia has become synonymous with terrible road conditions in the past. Now it’s simply not true, it’s about knowing where and when to ride. 

    The pace of development in the country has seen the rural road network flourish. Granted the seasonal rains take their toll and decimate their share of the major highways in the country, but who wants to ride the main highways anyway! 

    Siem Reap Cambodia offers a fantastic mix riding conditions to excite riders at every skill level. The rural road network offers easy access to areas, which until now were the domain of dedicated dirt bike riders. Set out on a sealed blacktop, branch off onto a single lane and beat down a graded gravel trail, which makes for your average riding day – magic!

    Back in the day Cambodia’s remote temples were for the most part inaccessible but to a select few that were willing to commit to an expedition. Now everyone can be Indiana Jones. In saying this there are still very few committed to visiting these not so secret places. The motorbike gives you supreme access to these ancient structures


    A motorcycle day tour is simply the best way to discover the Khmer countryside, hidden temples of Angkor and endless rice fields. Learn local Khmer ways form your guide as you set out on your personal countryside bike tour. Pick up some local useful phrases such as “sabai” which means literally “happy”, with JustRide you will have sabai adventures and smiling faces around every corner!

    The green season is one of the best times to ride. Sure it rains, like clockwork and that makes it easy to plan a ride around. 

    The landscape comes alive with verdant greens and a welcome shower makes for a refreshing break in the tropical heat!

    The canal and lake systems are bursting with life, lotus bloom, rice fields and flocks of indigenous waterfowl to name but a few of the highlights.  


    There is so much more beyond Angkor in Siem Reap province. The great Empire, the ancient highways, canals, reservoirs and yes even ancient cities to rival that of the great Angkor! 

    So why you ask aren’t more of us taking the extra step? The answer is we do not know what else is out there! To appreciate the grandeur of Angkor Wat, view it through the context of the great Empire it once administered, which stretched from modern day Thailand to South Vietnam. 


    Escape the Tuk Tuk hustle and bustle of chaotic Phnom Penh and the tourist traps get out into Siem Reap province.  Ride quiet dusty village roads where you will pass moto after moto of smiling faces. A unique view into the Khmer day-to-day life by the comfort of your motorcycle. 


    We take your safety seriously. Do not be fooled by motorbike rental in Siem Reap. It is technically illegal without holding a valid license or being accompanied by a local guide. 

    Granted the traffic in urban centers and main highways is chaotic at the best of times. It’s more about knowing where not to ride. There are stretches of open countryside where you will be lucky to see any traffic at all. Safety is paramount, riding, as a group with an experienced leader is a must. 

    The rules of the road, well let’s just say common sense takes a back seat here.  In a country where everyone and their dog own a motorbike, there is an abundance of local bike trails with zero heavy traffic. All in all this makes for an exhilarating riding experience. 

    Let JustRide take the risk out of your Siem Reap trip planning with the best all-inclusive motorcycle tours Cambodia.

    Your Siem Reap bike tour is all-inclusive, we will even pick you up and drop you off at your Siem Reap hotel by local Tuk Tuk . There are no hidden costs everything from your food, entrance fees, bike rental; guide fees and fuel are included.  With JustRide you will get more than what you pay for.


    A local village tour Siem Reap is always full of surprises and local delights. Your guide will be on hand to help you indulge in local delicacies and facilitate local interactions. 

    Food in the villages is as varied as the road conditions and never hard to come by. Each village has its specialty if you know where to look. At local markets there is  always an abundance of freshly picked tropical fruits and veggies as well as every kind of BBQ’d meat and fish you can imagine all farm to table fresh. Produce varies from season to season, each with its own quirks. 


    The more adventurous palate can indulge in deep fried tarantula, stuffed frogs, spiced crickets and even a duck fetus or two. 

    Not to put you off Cambodian fare, but it is as diverse as it is odd at times. There is of course a delectable array of soups, broths and salads mixed with every other sort of noodle you can imagine.

    As for our favorites, we are huge fan of the coconut. It is a natural source of electrolytes and is an excellent thirst quencher. Not to mention it is also plastic free!

    Local Cambodian canteens provide a “ Potluck” selection of delights. Keep an eye out on the roadside for a collection of silver pots, the busy ones are usually the best. 

    Everything is cooked fresh and consumed the same day. Offering a wonderful selection of local soups, stews, curries and veggies. As to what exactly you are going to get, well it’s potluck!  


    If it is rice harvesting time you are in for some unique treats. As the rice is harvested from the fields this tends to disturb all manner of creepy crawlies including spiders, snakes, water beetles and crickets. 

    None of the above go to waste and will end up as a tasty snack.  Crickets, pound for pound are exceptionally high in protein. There is some health food nut raving about it on YouTube if you care to fact check. 

    The cooking method of choice is to deep fry and lightly toss in a mix of salt and sugar with local spices. The taste is quite similar to a high fiber breakfast cereal, eaten dry. Again this is best consumed with a cold beverage.  


    Be assured that every JustRide motorbike day tour is skillfully crafted to balance riding and exploring with authentic local experiences. We are committed to delivering the best and most unique experiences both on, and off the bike making your Siem Reap experience both memorable and timeless.    

    Our bikes are comfortable, modern and meticulously maintained by us in our own western operated workshop. Perfectly matched for the variable road conditions that you will experience on your Siem Reap motorcycle day tour adventure.


    JustRide Motorbike Adventures are all inclusive, there are no hidden costs – end of story. You will get more than what you pay for.

    Motorbikes, food and experiences – we have selected the best available so you can relax and JustRide.