Beyond Mekong

Beyond Mekong

9 Days / 8 Nights / 1410km / $2340usd*

*Solo rider with private room, share options available. Discounts offered for groups.

The Far East Mekong region is rich and diverse in culture, scenery and landscape. The roads and trails are prefect for exploring on a Cambodia motorcycle tour, with everything from small gravel lanes right beside the Mekong to vast red dirt roads through sweeping plains. Cruise near the Thailand and Laos borders and experience everything in between.

Every day offers something special and unique in this region. We take time to meet friendly village locals to learn about their daily lives, families, and customs. This ride offers plenty of on and off bike activities that will give you something to write home about!

Day 1 | Siem Reap – Siem Reap | 75 km

At 8:00am, our driver will pick you up from the hotel and bring you to JRHQ for induction, which includes a safety briefing, ride overview and intro to the bikes. Please bring your riding gear along with you so we can take a short ride to let you get to know the bike and the local roads and conditions.

We explore some of the back roads in Siem Reap, where there is a surprise around every corner. After a break and a chat at a quiet local picnic spot, we ride back to JRHQ to prep the bikes for our next-day departure. Dinner will be an incredible BBQ spread at JustRide MotoCafe.

Trail: Blacktop, redtop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, BBQ Dinner


Day 2 | Siem Reap – Sra Em | 210 km

We depart early from JRHQ to beat the heat and the traffic. The first part of the morning ride is on a sealed (blacktop) road, before branching off onto a trail through a rubber plantation.

We follow a series of regional roads and trails (hard-packed red-dirt, commonly known as redtop roads) to get us to our scenic local lunch spot, stopping for plenty of photo ops and local interaction along the way.

Famously disputed, the ancient 11th Century temple, Preah Vihear, mightily sprawls across the hilltop, offering stunning views over Thailand and Cambodia. We will pay a visit to this incredible temple either the same afternoon or the next morning, depending on weather conditions and time, before overnighting in Sra Em.

Trail: Blacktop, redtop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 3 | Sra Em – Stung Treng | 220 km

We explore the remote red highway that follows the Thailand and Laos borders, and make a quick stop at the Emerald Triangle before we visit one of the largest waterfalls (by volume) in South East Asia.

In the evening, we have a peaceful stay in small wooden bungalows perched on the edge of the Mekong.

Trail: Blacktop, redtop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, entry fees


Day 4 | Stung Treng – Banlung | 140 km

After a peaceful breakfast overlooking the Mekong River, it’s time to hit the road again and make our way to Banlung, home to the volcanic lake of Yeak Loam and many waterfalls.

After some exploration, we finish the day with a dip in the cool, fresh waters of Yeak Loam.

Trail: Blacktop, redtop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 5 | Banlung – Sen Monorom | 185 km

Some of the very best roads in Cambodia await us the next two days. The first day is focused on just riding and enjoying these winding roads, with a few photo stops and a history lesson along the way.

Before we arrive in Sen Monorom, its time for another quick dip to cool off, this time at the stunning Bousra Waterfall.

Trail: Blacktop, redtop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 6 |Sen Monorom – Sen Monorom | 0 km

This is a rest day and there are no organised activities. However, there is plenty to do! Explore the town, spend the day relaxing by the waterfall, or visit the Elephant Valley Project and spend some time with the pachyderms.

Trail: Blacktop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, entry fees


Day 7 | Sen Monorom – Kratie | 200 km

We have another morning of simply stunning, winding, twisty roads through rolling hills and pine forests, leading us down from the mountains and back to the Mekong River.

We stay in the riverside town of Kratie, famous for the endangered Irrawaddy freshwater dolphin.

Trail: Blacktop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 8 | Kratie – Kompong Cham | 120 km

We depart Kratie first on blacktop, but we soon have the freedom to explore the small, scenic gravel trails along the Mekong. We pass between Buddhist temples, mosques, traditional fishing villages and tobacco co-ops where we can meet and chat with some of the friendliest people in Cambodia.

We cross the Mekong again and end the day in the wonderfully clean provincial town of Kampong Cham.

Trail: Blacktop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 9 | Kompong Cham – Siem Reap | 260 km

Following breakfast overlooking the Mekong, we make our way back towards Siem Reap. There are some unavoidable highway sections, but nothing our motorbikes, and you, can’t handle after 9 days of awesome excursions! We arrive back at JRHQ by early afternoon and meet-up again for the final dinner and farewell.

Trail: Blacktop, gravel

Daily Inclusions: Breakfast, lunch, dinner


  • Arrival Transfer
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Experienced ride leader
  • Support mechanic
  • Reliable, well-maintained bikes + SHAD panniers
  • Fuel
  • Drinks on tour (excluding alcohol)
  • Meals (Bx2, Lx3, Dx3)
  • Tool-kit
  • First-aid kit
  • Support vehicle if over 4 riders
  • Entry fees and activities as mentioned


  • Flights
  • Cambodian tourist visa
  • Personal riding gear (helmet, jacket, boots, gloves)
  • Personal insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pre and post ride accommodation


The following items should be carried on your person at all times when on tour:

  • Passport (with 2 spare passport photos)
  • Motorcycle drivers license
  • International driver’s permit
  • Personal insurance card
  • Credit card or access to emergency funds
  • Medical advice card (if any)
  • Personal medication (if any)
  • Daily cash (at least US$ 20 per day for personal use, in small denominations)
  • Emergency cash (US$ 500)

*US$ currency must be in good condition, not ripped or torn, or it may be rejected by vendors

Personal Safety Gear

It can be hot and dusty on the roads in Cambodia, which is notoriously tough on gear!

The following items are essential for your personal safety and comfort:

  • Motorcycle helmet, DOT approved (full-face recommended)
  • Sunglasses for eye protection (polarised recommended)
  • Clear/tinted glasses for low light conditions
  • Riding jacket (textile, perforated leather, leather)
  • Riding gloves
  • Long pants or riding pants
  • Leather boots to cover your ankles

*If you are unsure about the gear you have, or would like our advice, please connect with us on LIVE chat or drop us an email

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