Before I book

Do I need a motorcycle driving licence?

Yes, you will need to have a valid motorcycle driving license. A valid national or international driving licence is required to prove you have the basic skill set to operate a motorcycle safely. Please note you do not require a Cambodian driving licence.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory. Please check that your policy covers the risk of riding a motorcycle of up to 400cc in Cambodia. We highly recommend Medical & Evacuation insurance with our partner Global Rescue, click here for more options.

What are your terms and conditions?

Are there any hidden costs or extra fees I have to pay?

No, you will not be asked to pay any hidden costs or extra fees on tour. Our pricing is inclusive; 3 meals daily with snacks and drinks exclusive of alcohol , accommodation, entrance fees, guide fees, bike rental, fuel costs, airport transfers.

Do I need a credit card to pay?

Yes, we accept Visa and MasterCard and UnionPay debit and credit cards. Transactions are completed through a payment gateway on secure servers and encrypts all transactions with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

What is your payment/refund policy?

We accept 50% payment upfront at the time of booking and 50% in cash on arrival in US Dollars.


JustRide refund policy is as follows:
60 days before departure 100% refund
59 to 30 before departure 70% refund
29 to 15 before departure 50% refund
14 days or less 0% refund


**Please note that you will be charged transaction fees for your refund and could take up to 25 days for remittance.

Can I make a private group booking?

Yes, just ask we are happy to accommodate your group needs. Please give us advanced notice so we can craft the best possible experience for you.

Can I customise a trip?

Yes, we have a host of options to tailor an existing trip or craft you something completely bespoke. Please just ask.

I am a solo traveler, can I join a group?

Yes, we are always happy to accommodate your needs. Our pricing is set for solo travellers as well twin share. All trips have a minimum departure set at 4 people. We will try our very best to match your dates with a departing trip. All we need is some flexibility and advanced notice from your side.

Can I bring a non-rider with me? Do you have options for them?

Yes, we have options for your spouse, partner, friends and family inclusive of “off the bike” touring solutions. We are here to insure they have an equally memorable experience.

Arrival pre-Tour

What is the local currency and how much should I bring?

US Dollars are accepted. Please expect to get your change back in either Khmer Riel or US Dollars. Our trips are all inclusive, however we advise that you carry up to 500 USD in emergency cash as well as a credit card for personal expenses.

Can I get a visa on arrival and how much is it?

Yes, the 30-day tourist visa is available to travelers in advance or on arrival (for most nationalities) for a cost of $30. The tourist visa is single entry only, and can be renewed once for an additional 30 days for a fee of $45. After that, tourist visa holders must leave Cambodia and come back to obtain a new visa.

How many days do I need to arrive before/after my tour?

This is dependent on your travel plans. If you wish to do any pre or post tour activities please allow a minimum of 3 days. Just ask us about pre and post tour activities we are happy to help.

Do you arrange airport transfers, how will I find you?

Yes, this is inclusive in our pricing. If you have specific transport needs please let us know in advance.

Do you arrange airport transfers, how will I find you?

Yes, this is inclusive in our pricing. If you have specific transport needs please let us know in advance.

On Tour

What are the rules of the road?

JustRide observe the following:


Cities & Towns 40 Km/hr max
Country Roads/Trails 65 Km/hr max
Secondary Roads 75 Km/hr max
Open Road/Highway 90 Km/hr max


We are on tour, not a race track! Cambodia is a right hand drive country with internationally recognised rules . Even though there are rules in place they are seldom enforced and even fewer observe them. Riding in Cambodia is treacherous  the best policy is to expect the unexpected, use caution and follow your Tour Leader’s instruction for a safe and memorable experience.

How far do we ride each day?

We ride up to 250 km a day, with regular breaks for activities, points of interest, food, snacks and drinks.

What is an average tour day like?

We can start a day as early as 0700 hrs or as late as 0900hrs on the bikes. We take regular breaks every 60 to 80 km. A typical riding day will finish between 16:00 and 17:30 hrs. We avoid riding in the dark where possible and this is only done in exceptional circumstances. We take breaks for heavy rain or inclement weather conditions for safety reasons. We generally have a mix of longer and shorter days to break up the ride experience and to allow you to rest. Longer trips will have at least one mandatory rest day, where there will be optional activities included.

Do you provide a support vehicle on tour?

JustRide have the following support vehicle policy:


3 Day Rides: unsupported
6 Day Rides: unsupported
7 Day Rides ++: mandatory support vehicle
All pillion rides: mandatory support vehicle
All custom/group rides: mandatory support vehicle


If you have a specific request and would like a support vehicle please just ask, we are flexible.

What if I want to leave a tour early?

In the unlikely event you are required to leave a tour, for whatever reason the JustRide policy is as follows:
JustRide  will arrange a local transfer back to your departure point, the cost incurred by you. Expect this to be up to 120 USD, allowing for remote locations. Services provided by JustRide after departure will incur either a cancellation or rebooking fee subject to our suppliers discretion.  JustRide has a 0% refund policy for on trip departures. Please check your travel insurance covers such instances. JustRide’s duty of care does not extend to participants that leave a trip voluntarily or they are asked to leave due to misconduct.
In exceptional cases where a participant has succumb to illness or has incurred an injury JustRide will follow up to insure the participants wellbeing and safe departure.
Please read the JustRide Terms & Conditions carefully for more details.

Can I ride by myself and go where I want?

Sadly no, riding a motorbike in Cambodia is treacherous. Regardless of your skill level, the local road awareness is exceptionally low. Road conditions are changeable and the environment hostile in places. Please follow your guides instructions and always ride as a group or at the very least buddied up with a riding partner.

What happens if I damage a motorbike?

In the very unlikely event, If you damage a motorbike you will be charged in full for the parts and repair regardless of culpability. In the even less likely event of a write off you will be charged the cost to replace the motorbike.

What do I do with my luggage when I am on tour, is there a limit to what I can carry?

The JustRide luggage policy is as follows:


3 Day Rides: 10kg max in Panniers, Excess secure in storage
6 Day Rides:  10kg max in Panniers, Excess secure in storage
7 Day Rides ++:  30kg++ Panniers & Luggage Transport
All pillion rides:  30kg++ Panniers & Luggage Transport
All custom/group rides:  30kg++ Panniers & Luggage Transport


Please let us know if you have concerns regarding special equipment such as cameras or other valuables. Your excess luggage will be kept under lock and key in the JustRide office  until you return. We advise to pack light and practically for all rides. JustRide will provide you with detailed trip notes on what to bring, so don’t worry!

Riding Gear

Do you provide motorcycle riding gear, what should I bring?

Sadly we do not. Riding gear is personal and for hygiene reasons we ask that every participant brings their own riding attire.  JustRide will advise you on the minimum gear required, after that it is up to you.

Can I purchase motorcycle riding gear in country?

No, for the most part the quality of the gear available is not to international standard. However you can purchase accessories such as gloves and military style boots. We strongly advise you bring your own gear that you are both familiar and comfortable with.

What is the Motorcycle specification?

Just Ride maintains a fleet of comfortable modern reliable motorbikes. Each motorbike is serviced and safety checked by us in our own in house workshop.


BOSCH Fuel injected 38mm throttle body 13 liter tank


Reinforced trellis subframe


43mm telescopic front forks


Pressed perimeter steel


Dual channel ABS Brembo Brakes


Tuned KTM RC390 4 valve 3 spark liquid cooled


Running Gear
Six speed gearbox slipper clutch chain drive 17 inch wheels


46 liter capacity ABS hard case panniers


182kg wet, 310Km range, 148Kmph top speed, 35ftlbs torque at 6500RPM, 35HP