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Our Rides

Beyond Mekong

9 Days // 8 Nights

Wild West

7 Days // 6 Nights

True North

4 Days // 3 Nights

Kingdom of Cambodia

Home of the magnificent Angkor Wat, our stables and headquarters are in the town of Siem Reap, but our playgrounds are in the remote jungles and mountain-strewn provinces of this extraordinary Kingdom. There’s so much more to Cambodia than ancient temples, the Killing Fields and the beaches of Sihanoukville. Motorbike touring in Thailand and Vietnam is not without its charm, but touring Cambodia by motorcycle is like stepping back in time. Enjoy the slower pace of life and relish a uniquely Cambodian experience.

We’ve spent more than a decade touring Cambodia on motorbikes discovering trails and barely-there tracks, exploring side roads and back roads, getting lost and getting side-tracked — over thousands of kilometres, we’ve fallen in love with this beautiful country. On two wheels, we have plied almost every road, track and trail to compile an exhaustive network of routes. Along the way, we have stumbled across hilltop temples known only to local Cambodians, discovered hidden caves and waterfalls, passed through vast wetland reserves, grasslands and dense forest. It’s been a hell of a ride every step (or roll) of the way. We live for the excuse to get out there again and we’ll excitedly share our passion for riding the Kingdom of Wonder with you — we can’t wait to guide you through all its glory. We’re sure you’re going to love it, too!

JustRide with us to meet the friendliest smiling folk, learn about their unique, ancient Khmer culture and rich history. With stunning scenery that other travellers never get to experience, Cambodia has it all — hidden temples, winding trails, breathtaking vistas, vibrant rice paddies, gorgeous wildlife, thick jungles, rolling hills, and warmly welcoming people.

The Founding Team




With decades of combined riding experience, road reconnaissance, and adventure tourism management, from your first point of contact til the end of your journey in Cambodia, we’ll be with you all the way — crafting your expedition, guiding you on the roads, catering to your needs — we keep adventure travel unique and personal so you can ditch the hassles of planning and JustRide.


Motorbike touring in Cambodia can be challenging and dangerous without experience. We offer an all-inclusive alternative to renting a motorbike in Cambodia and winging it on your own. Ever wondered what you’d do if you venture out towards the Cardamom Mountains only to catch a nail in your tread in the middle of nowhere? What if that motorbike hasn’t been maintained and blows a piston? Can you speak Khmer with the folks in the countryside to find a place to rest when you’re tired and hungry?

We take your safety, health and well-being very seriously. Our bikes are meticulously maintained so you can have confidence in your steed. Our guides are experienced and speak Khmer so you can sit back and JustRide.

Even with the best prior planning and preparation, accidents can happen. That’s why we insist that all riders hold valid travel insurance that covers riding a 400cc motorcycle in Cambodia. If your insurance does not cover Remote Evacuation, you might wish to consider taking an additional policy with Global Rescue, providing you short term, cost effective coverage and flexible solutions for your journey.

Our Fleet and Maintenance

JustRide maintains a fleet of comfortable, modern, and reliable motorbikes. We personally service and safety-check each one in our own in-house workshop at the JustRide HQ in Siem Reap. Come down and have a coffee or a brew at the JustRide MotoCafe to see the stable, meet the team and our fleet, and socialize with fellow riders. You can also read about what we ride and why we believe our bikes are the most versatile for touring Cambodia.